Friday, 19 November 2010

welcome back

hello everyone, sorry i'm such a failure! i've been really concentrating on my university work recently.
it was a brief set by the british heart foundation to find a new campaign for them. you can find more details on their website. i chose to use my base my project on the famous song by the beach boys, "god only knows". my goooorrrrgeous boyfriend jake modelled for me :) and my lovely flatmate, emma.
here are some of the piccies...

but anyway, we had to use a blog instead of a sketch book so after continuous blogging for two weeks i can safely say, i really bloody miss it! so guess who's back!!! ive found lots of beautiful and exciting things to blog about so keep yo' eyes peeled! and of course, xmas is on the way!! even more exciting things to come!!
im off to london next week, with uni. we've just started a trend project so we've got to snap loads of inspiring pictures for our montage boards. i'll post them if they're good too haha.
anyway, hope you're all lovely and will forgive me for being poo!
oh i saw harry potter today... wasnt too impressed actually. what did everyone else think??