Thursday, 24 February 2011


i bought a new lens for my iphone hipstamatic app.
isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

topshop tuesday

i LOVE this top. i am so pale and i struggle really hard to wear coral and pinky shades as it tends to make my face look quite green, but this apricot shirt from topshop is just perfect. its so floaty and feminine and really suits my complexion. i've also taken to curling my hair, it gives a softer look to my quite masculine hairstyle and personally, i love it.

topshop - £35.00

topshop - £38.00

i also love this blouse. i'm heavily into peter pan collar, but the extra pleating details along the hem, really add a pretty decorative touch to the overall simpleness and crispness of the shirt.
i'm off to bournemouth on thursday to see my bessie, mirri ♥ i havent seen her in a while, due to me being so far away at uni, but as its reading week, i thought i'd come down and catch up. i am so looking forward to it!!!!! ♥

Friday, 18 February 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

topshop tuesdays

these shoes completely remind me of my childhood. i've said before, i AM the little girl from miracle on 34th street. my mum always dressed me in mary jane's just like these, and still now, i completely love them. these are so perfect for spring & summer 2011. i love the teardrop cut out, big buckle and decent heel. i'm one of those people that walk very, very weirdly and therefore have to get their shoes reheeled all the bloody time. in fact, my £88.00 brogue boots from office that i bought in summer are all but ruined now... (must.. reheel... them... soon...)
my fashion class and i were discussing just now how dreary and horrible this winter has been and how its about high time the florals and bright colours became popular again. we need cheering up. im currently at preston uni, which i think is actually rain capital of england. it is wet. everyday. and everyday i forget my umbrella. many wasted minutes of hair straightening, backcombing and hairspraying is put to waste almost as soon as i leave the front door.
but spring is nearly here. which means sun, and cute shoes and ankle socks, bare legs and shorts.
oh hurry up summer, i cant wait to meet you again. ♥

Monday, 14 February 2011

love and lomography

happy valentines everybody ♥
this was the sight i woke up to this morning, a beautiful handmade cupcake bought for me by my beautiful boyfriend, after his morning lecture. i, like most people, am completely obsessed by everything and anything cupcake so it really made my day.

im so completely in love with this camera, but at a steep £110 i dont think its going to be mine anytime soon. i do love lomography cameras and the look they produce on film, but i do not think they are worth the money at all. they are literally toy cameras, made from cheap plastic which break easily. lomography really are cashing in on a trend. i admire them for what they're doing, but they could at least make a bit more "worth-your-money". although having ranted about this... i will still continue to use my fisheye and lust over diana's.
this weekend was my gran's ninetieth birthday, so we had a massive reunion of massive family. it was so lovely seeing all my long lost cousins and great aunties and uncles. i was flashing about with my new minolta slr so will post up some of the piccies when i've had them developed.
i'm about to go put my deposit down on my new house for next year so i'll have to dash. i'll try and post again tomorrow.

post update: 8pm...
my brother and his girlfriend are engaged!!
and i'm going to be their brides maid!! too happy for both of them, and so, so excited to be a bridesmaid! :) congratulations matt and deanne ♥

Thursday, 10 February 2011

totally addicted to chung

we were asked to pick a celebrity and pick an artist or illustrator to influence our packaging designs. i chose alexa chung, an idol of mine and an illustrator called emma rios who has worked with boodles jewellery company. construction was an issue as im quite pants at time management & preplanning anything so i had to print the main body and the lid/bottom on different sheets of card and fit them together afterwards. definitely could have been neater, but im quite chuffed with my overall design.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


it would look so pretty on my macbook ♥

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thursday, 13 January 2011

a trip to the races

for our cad design sessions, we were asked to produce a scene which used all the skills we have learnt in photoshop over the past term.
being an epsom girl, i wanted to use the epsom derby as my starting point. i then chose typical ladies day outfits and put horses heads onto the bodies. i'm really not sure if i like my final product, but it took so much work and many an hour to produce. but i guess we've all got to learn from our mistakes...