Monday, 14 February 2011

love and lomography

happy valentines everybody ♥
this was the sight i woke up to this morning, a beautiful handmade cupcake bought for me by my beautiful boyfriend, after his morning lecture. i, like most people, am completely obsessed by everything and anything cupcake so it really made my day.

im so completely in love with this camera, but at a steep £110 i dont think its going to be mine anytime soon. i do love lomography cameras and the look they produce on film, but i do not think they are worth the money at all. they are literally toy cameras, made from cheap plastic which break easily. lomography really are cashing in on a trend. i admire them for what they're doing, but they could at least make a bit more "worth-your-money". although having ranted about this... i will still continue to use my fisheye and lust over diana's.
this weekend was my gran's ninetieth birthday, so we had a massive reunion of massive family. it was so lovely seeing all my long lost cousins and great aunties and uncles. i was flashing about with my new minolta slr so will post up some of the piccies when i've had them developed.
i'm about to go put my deposit down on my new house for next year so i'll have to dash. i'll try and post again tomorrow.

post update: 8pm...
my brother and his girlfriend are engaged!!
and i'm going to be their brides maid!! too happy for both of them, and so, so excited to be a bridesmaid! :) congratulations matt and deanne ♥

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