Friday, 10 September 2010

byebye london!! i'm a northern lass now!
i move into my little crummy flat tomorrow!!! so i have a very long and very boring 5 hour drive to my new abode! i'm currently making bunting (instead of checking i've actually got everything) for my new room; which if you remember i was supposed to aaages ago! i've found some more cute fabrics so its going to look lovely :) i can't wait to decorate it all and make it mine!! i'll post some pictures up of my flat when i get the opportunity! you can also check how grimey and grey my bathroom. i specifically said (to myself) at the interview that i really hoped i didn't end up in those flats... and hey presto! sod's law really. oh well, it's away from london and away from my crappy past! new things, new people, new part of the country!
third freshers week.... bring it on!!
will post you the pictures of it tomorrow, all supposing internet is in and what not.
if not, speak to you all in a few days!!
i just wanted to say as well actually, that it really does mean alot to me that you are all commenting and making this blog actually worthwhile. i really, really appreciate all of you beautiful people :)

Hannah Crick BA(hons) Fashion Promotion & Styling

Thursday, 9 September 2010

say whaat?

will someone PLEASE tell me what the hell these are about?!
£28.00 for some wolf ears....?
is topshop actually being serious?
this is definitely a trend i really don't understand.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

made lots and lots of cupcakes!!

mmmmmmm cupcakes :)
it's my flat mate's 21st birthday on tuesday & we're having a little get together so i've made lots of cupcakes. trouble is... didn't think timings through and they're probably going to be all hard and gross by the time it comes round to eating them!! i get too excited about making cupcakes haha! so now i'm going to have to freeze them and wait to decorate them :( but i plan to do them in all pastel colours and make them all pretty. i've got some pretty sprinkles and cadbury buttons :)
i made plain sponge ones and i found a malteasers recipe! they look so yummy, i can't wait to eat them! nom nom nom!
here are the recipes:

Monday, 6 September 2010

Saturday, 4 September 2010

this was a picture from thursday, just before two door cinema club played at new slang. it was such an amazing night! i was absolutely nutted on alcoholic beverages & was surrounded by great friends and amazing music. much love for the new slang team at banquet records; they continually find amazing bands for us to come and watch. it's very very cheap and they pull it off every time. i've seen most of my favourite bands there now, and always paying less than £8.00. names include; jack penate, foals, two door cinema club, futureheads, los campesinos, MYSTERY JETS, darwin deez, goldie lookin' chain (lol). some seriously wicked nights. i've also met so many new friends there. if you're ever in south london, i really do recommend it. after the bands have played; the djs turn on the tunes and play all our indie favourites. i really can't rave about it enough. i'll give ya'll the link:

but anyway my outfit:
top - £0.99 ebay
chain - £0.00 grannie
watch - £32.00 accessorize
locket - 18th bday present
bracelet - 18th bday present
shorts - vintage levis £15.00
tights - primark pack of 3 £2.50
shoes - office £88.00

Thursday, 2 September 2010

enrolled for university!

You have now completed the enrolment process for the Academic Session 2010-2011 and are enrolled as a student at the University of Central Lancashire on Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Fashion Promotion with Styling / Year 1 student.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen!
my friend showed it to me about a year ago and i've only just remember about it and wanted to share it with all my lovely followers.
i love stop frame animation. i would love to have a go at it sometime. need to master imovie first though... (if that's even the program you use?!)
bournemouth was amaaaazing! mirri and i had such a good time! got loaaaaaads of things from winton's beautiful charity shops so will post them up when i can find a camera! i got an amazing faux fur coat (to replace last year's very broken and ripped real fur one) for £15.00! so chuffed with that! but like i said, will post up the piccies soon! xx