Wednesday, 8 September 2010

made lots and lots of cupcakes!!

mmmmmmm cupcakes :)
it's my flat mate's 21st birthday on tuesday & we're having a little get together so i've made lots of cupcakes. trouble is... didn't think timings through and they're probably going to be all hard and gross by the time it comes round to eating them!! i get too excited about making cupcakes haha! so now i'm going to have to freeze them and wait to decorate them :( but i plan to do them in all pastel colours and make them all pretty. i've got some pretty sprinkles and cadbury buttons :)
i made plain sponge ones and i found a malteasers recipe! they look so yummy, i can't wait to eat them! nom nom nom!
here are the recipes:


  1. Oh cravings... they look delicious already - can't wait to see them all decorated! x

  2. i have a major cupcake craving now! xx

  3. lovely blog <3 :D I love your pics :D <3