Monday, 18 October 2010

a goodbye to say

rest in peace poppy crick ♥

today was a very sad day. my beautiful sixteen year old black labrador, poppy died this morning in her sleep. she has been suffering with skin cancer for the past two years and decided today she couldn't cope any longer.
she was such a beautiful dog and was like another sister to me. we bought her when i was five, so effectively, we have grown up together. i will always remember the first day she arrived home. my brother, sister and i were told to wait in the lounge whilst mum fetched her from the dining room. within two seconds, we had a tiny labrador puppy, pink belly and all, bounding towards us. she was so energetic and hyper, she pushed me over from my crouching position and began licking my face. i remember being in complete stitches of laughter.
poppy was the most beautiful gift of life and i will always, always remember her. it is such a horrible day for my family and i, and also our friends and family who loved her so much too.
she really did bring joy and fun to everyone with all her little quirks.
i will miss you pops, you're in my heart always.

♥ xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 9 October 2010

yum yum watches

i want these
soooo bad! i can't decide which one to ask for, for my 21st birthday in november! i'm thinking green or blue.... or pink... or orange....
all £20.00 from
oh and...

happy 28th birthday to my brother, matthew!

i've had such a lovely day spending time with my family and eating lots and lots of yummy home cooked food! (FOOOOD!! & not student-y crap!!!) unfortunately messed my order up a bit and therefore his present hasn't arrived. booo :( but here's my beautiful 16 year old labrador, poppy with her party hat on :)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

100th post!!!

so after 5 months of blogging and obsessive shopping...
i have now reached my 100th post!!!
thank you to all of you lovely, lovely people that make this worth while doing! i had no idea i'd find such dedicated followers! thank you all so much for your kind words and words of wisdom, you mean the world to me!!

hannah xxx

oh & i really, really, really, really want this jumpsuit from topshop... it's sixty pounds though...
(please excuse my face. don't really know what happened there!)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

lots of new purchases!

my obsession with shopping continues and whilst i wave goodbye to my (lack of) student loan, i post you all my beauties! my favourites are definitely my two charity shop bags, i'm soo happy i bought the black one. i was umming and ahhing but now, i literally couldnt even imagine my life without it!! and the tapestry one.... ♥ it goes so well with my tapestry shoes that i bought a few months ago from office. its like a match made in heaven! my brown tapered trousers were also an amazing buy. they're so comfy and are so warm, so they were definitely a practical winter buy!
the two velvet bodycon skirts were from primark and priced at a ridiculous £5.00 each. they are pretty much exactly the same as the ones topshop were selling last year (of which i wanted them sooo bad). they were priced at a horrendous £28.00, so i think i am the winner here!
if you remember a few months back i was obsessing over the monsoon kids coat with the fur collar?? well hey presto! it literally came back into stock the day i was leaving monsoon, so managed to swipe that up at the crazy amount of £32.50! i do miss my discount card! and all my monsoon girls :( and finally, my mahoosive fur coat, bought from a bournemouth charity shop for 15 whole english pounds. quite possibly my favouritest thing ever. though i do need longer hair cos it makes my head look really small, but i still love it anyway! ♥
the velvet jumper and my blouse were from a tiny boutique called pop boutique, in affleck's palace in manchester. i love them both and they look fab with my vintage high waisted levi's shorts.
i have spent toooo much money in the past few weeks, but you know... i love clothes. a little too much!

black velvet bodycon skirt - £5.00, primark
red velvet bodycon skirt - £5.00, primark
brown check tapered trousers - £42.00, topshop
floral velvert jumper - £18.00, pop boutique
velvet leaf cardigan - £4.20, charity shop
grey sluggy jumper - £20.00, topshop
shirt blouse - £14.00, pop boutique
brown fur collared coat - £32.50, monsoon kids
fur coat - £15.00, charity shop
black patent bag - £12.99, charity shop
tapestry bag - £14.99, oxfam boutique

Monday, 4 October 2010

a MASSIVE apology to give!

i am sooooo sorry everybody!! these past three and a half weeks have been too mental for words. two weeks worth of freshers events... settling in, sorting out room and general objects for kitchen, and well pretty much being drunk constantly! BUT, i actually have had two WHOLE seconds to sit down and write to all of you lovely people! that's if you haven't abandoned meee!
anyways, as i promised here are the pictures from my lovely new room!

what can i fill you guys in on?? i had my first hand-in today!! we were placed into pairs and told to promote our partner with a product which best describes them. i was so pleased with mine and my tutors seemed to really like it too! i created a new barbie which described my partner sam. all the accessories were her favouritest things in the whole world. it was so fun to make haha.
i've also applied to be course rep, so that should be fun! we start our styling project tomorrow and apparently its an amazing brief, so i literally can't wait to start it! i seriously love it so much up here! i've made so many amazing new friends and everyone's so nice. plus, drinks are soooo cheap!! i'm off to assembly tonight where drinks are 75 PENCE!! and then to preston rocks, which is preston's indie night, where drinks are a pound. god damn, it's amazing up here!!!
fresher's was amazing. highlights included super sunday, where we dressed up like superheros. me and my flat mates went as teenage mutant ninja turtles, and i was nominated as best dressed! :D didn't win, some guy with a colander on his head did :/ & a hundred pounds worth of alcohol :'( booo hooo!
damnn good night! this post is quite boring and i have so many more to catch up on. i've bought sooooo much since the last post!! so i shall leave this one here and start the next fashiony one!
love love xxxxxxxx