Monday, 18 October 2010

a goodbye to say

rest in peace poppy crick ♥

today was a very sad day. my beautiful sixteen year old black labrador, poppy died this morning in her sleep. she has been suffering with skin cancer for the past two years and decided today she couldn't cope any longer.
she was such a beautiful dog and was like another sister to me. we bought her when i was five, so effectively, we have grown up together. i will always remember the first day she arrived home. my brother, sister and i were told to wait in the lounge whilst mum fetched her from the dining room. within two seconds, we had a tiny labrador puppy, pink belly and all, bounding towards us. she was so energetic and hyper, she pushed me over from my crouching position and began licking my face. i remember being in complete stitches of laughter.
poppy was the most beautiful gift of life and i will always, always remember her. it is such a horrible day for my family and i, and also our friends and family who loved her so much too.
she really did bring joy and fun to everyone with all her little quirks.
i will miss you pops, you're in my heart always.

♥ xxxxxxxx


  1. I lost my dog in Feb this year, it's incredibly sad.Sorry to hear about your loss xo.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss, lovely. x

  3. sorry for your loss, pets are truly like family no matter how big or small. take care <3 xxx

  4. Just stumbled across your blog, How sad It brought a tear to my eye the way you described your dog and the first day you met her.