Tuesday, 5 October 2010

lots of new purchases!

my obsession with shopping continues and whilst i wave goodbye to my (lack of) student loan, i post you all my beauties! my favourites are definitely my two charity shop bags, i'm soo happy i bought the black one. i was umming and ahhing but now, i literally couldnt even imagine my life without it!! and the tapestry one.... ♥ it goes so well with my tapestry shoes that i bought a few months ago from office. its like a match made in heaven! my brown tapered trousers were also an amazing buy. they're so comfy and are so warm, so they were definitely a practical winter buy!
the two velvet bodycon skirts were from primark and priced at a ridiculous £5.00 each. they are pretty much exactly the same as the ones topshop were selling last year (of which i wanted them sooo bad). they were priced at a horrendous £28.00, so i think i am the winner here!
if you remember a few months back i was obsessing over the monsoon kids coat with the fur collar?? well hey presto! it literally came back into stock the day i was leaving monsoon, so managed to swipe that up at the crazy amount of £32.50! i do miss my discount card! and all my monsoon girls :( and finally, my mahoosive fur coat, bought from a bournemouth charity shop for 15 whole english pounds. quite possibly my favouritest thing ever. though i do need longer hair cos it makes my head look really small, but i still love it anyway! ♥
the velvet jumper and my blouse were from a tiny boutique called pop boutique, in affleck's palace in manchester. i love them both and they look fab with my vintage high waisted levi's shorts.
i have spent toooo much money in the past few weeks, but you know... i love clothes. a little too much!

black velvet bodycon skirt - £5.00, primark
red velvet bodycon skirt - £5.00, primark
brown check tapered trousers - £42.00, topshop
floral velvert jumper - £18.00, pop boutique
velvet leaf cardigan - £4.20, charity shop
grey sluggy jumper - £20.00, topshop
shirt blouse - £14.00, pop boutique
brown fur collared coat - £32.50, monsoon kids
fur coat - £15.00, charity shop
black patent bag - £12.99, charity shop
tapestry bag - £14.99, oxfam boutique


  1. wow! you've got some amazing buys! xo

  2. hahah hannah your as bad as me ;)

    R x

  3. I have the black velvet skirt, it soooft!
    Great buys! xx

  4. great clothes! Love it! :-)

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  5. omg...that's pretty much!

  6. Wow love that velvet jumper! xxx

  7. Nice things you got there. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  8. I would honestly kill for that collection of clothing. You've made me want to raid my local charity shops!

    Just started a new blog, would love for you to take a looky: