Thursday, 7 October 2010

100th post!!!

so after 5 months of blogging and obsessive shopping...
i have now reached my 100th post!!!
thank you to all of you lovely, lovely people that make this worth while doing! i had no idea i'd find such dedicated followers! thank you all so much for your kind words and words of wisdom, you mean the world to me!!

hannah xxx

oh & i really, really, really, really want this jumpsuit from topshop... it's sixty pounds though...
(please excuse my face. don't really know what happened there!)


  1. do it do it! My motto is 'if i'm still thinking about how much I want over the next 2 days then BUY IT!' a motto my bank balance unfortunately doesn't like! xx

  2. my bank balance thinks exactly the same!!!! ahhh, i'll try and persuade mummy's card this weekend as i'm coming hoooome :).
    won't work, but it's worth a go i guess!!!

  3. you look like such a babe in this pic ;)

    R x

  4. use student discount.... i really like it x