Saturday, 9 October 2010

yum yum watches

i want these
soooo bad! i can't decide which one to ask for, for my 21st birthday in november! i'm thinking green or blue.... or pink... or orange....
all £20.00 from
oh and...

happy 28th birthday to my brother, matthew!

i've had such a lovely day spending time with my family and eating lots and lots of yummy home cooked food! (FOOOOD!! & not student-y crap!!!) unfortunately messed my order up a bit and therefore his present hasn't arrived. booo :( but here's my beautiful 16 year old labrador, poppy with her party hat on :)


  1. I think either blue or pink are the besst! xx

  2. hahah she loves it! I like the blue and pink but the green one is amaze!!
    are you home for your birthday? x

  3. nooo :( but im home like a week and bit later so we can have a bday slang :D eeeppp!!
    i knoww im thinking blue but the green one is sooo amazing. ahhh. decisions!!
    xxxxxxxxxxx miss u roro

  4. wow wow wow those watches are beautiful, and not too expensive either! :) i think i like the pink most.


  5. wow i like these alot nice cheap and pretty :) the pink one is lovely and girly. I have just seen on your bio that you're a fashion promotion student thats exactly what i wanna do :) sound like my sort of girl :D


  6. Precious doggie. she looks well loved :)x