Monday, 4 October 2010

a MASSIVE apology to give!

i am sooooo sorry everybody!! these past three and a half weeks have been too mental for words. two weeks worth of freshers events... settling in, sorting out room and general objects for kitchen, and well pretty much being drunk constantly! BUT, i actually have had two WHOLE seconds to sit down and write to all of you lovely people! that's if you haven't abandoned meee!
anyways, as i promised here are the pictures from my lovely new room!

what can i fill you guys in on?? i had my first hand-in today!! we were placed into pairs and told to promote our partner with a product which best describes them. i was so pleased with mine and my tutors seemed to really like it too! i created a new barbie which described my partner sam. all the accessories were her favouritest things in the whole world. it was so fun to make haha.
i've also applied to be course rep, so that should be fun! we start our styling project tomorrow and apparently its an amazing brief, so i literally can't wait to start it! i seriously love it so much up here! i've made so many amazing new friends and everyone's so nice. plus, drinks are soooo cheap!! i'm off to assembly tonight where drinks are 75 PENCE!! and then to preston rocks, which is preston's indie night, where drinks are a pound. god damn, it's amazing up here!!!
fresher's was amazing. highlights included super sunday, where we dressed up like superheros. me and my flat mates went as teenage mutant ninja turtles, and i was nominated as best dressed! :D didn't win, some guy with a colander on his head did :/ & a hundred pounds worth of alcohol :'( booo hooo!
damnn good night! this post is quite boring and i have so many more to catch up on. i've bought sooooo much since the last post!! so i shall leave this one here and start the next fashiony one!
love love xxxxxxxx


  1. Aww seeing this makes me first first year so much!! xo

  2. haha 75p!!!
    ow that doll is amazing!xx

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  4. wow, love your room! i got on to the same course at uclan too but chickened out! xo

  5. sounds like your having an amazing time ooop norf! turtle outfit is such a good effort, love it - you guys need the tattoos now :) room is super cute too, write me back soon!

    R x