Friday, 10 September 2010

byebye london!! i'm a northern lass now!
i move into my little crummy flat tomorrow!!! so i have a very long and very boring 5 hour drive to my new abode! i'm currently making bunting (instead of checking i've actually got everything) for my new room; which if you remember i was supposed to aaages ago! i've found some more cute fabrics so its going to look lovely :) i can't wait to decorate it all and make it mine!! i'll post some pictures up of my flat when i get the opportunity! you can also check how grimey and grey my bathroom. i specifically said (to myself) at the interview that i really hoped i didn't end up in those flats... and hey presto! sod's law really. oh well, it's away from london and away from my crappy past! new things, new people, new part of the country!
third freshers week.... bring it on!!
will post you the pictures of it tomorrow, all supposing internet is in and what not.
if not, speak to you all in a few days!!
i just wanted to say as well actually, that it really does mean alot to me that you are all commenting and making this blog actually worthwhile. i really, really appreciate all of you beautiful people :)

Hannah Crick BA(hons) Fashion Promotion & Styling


  1. have fun in the north!i'd love to live in london hehe:)

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures! I've been going through all your previous posts and I particularly love this pics taken with the fisheye camera. Seriously considering buying it! Please follow me :D

  3. Have fun hun
    I move from up north to down south this sunday.
    We're doing a swap.

  4. Hey, thanks for the follow!

    How is UCLan treating you? I'm actually on the Fashion Promotion course myself, I'm just on my placement year at the moment! Coincidence!


    lipstick and balloons

  5. Have fun, i'm your latest follower by the way xxx