Saturday, 25 December 2010

merry christmas

just a quickie cos i was SO excited about this (even though i am lying in bed with flu, on christmas day)...
i have been PINING over this aqua dress for the past three months when stumbling across it on, but pushed it to the back of my mind as it being £110 i knew neither myself nor my parents would be able to afford to buy it for me. so... come christmas day, i'm merryily opening my presents when i choose to open my god parent's bag....
im still so excited that i own it!!!!!!!!!! ahhh!!

isn't it just amazing??
i think i'll be cracking this number out for new years :).
anyway, im properly dying of this horrible flu so i will draw to a close and post all my FAB presents on in soon.

Monday, 20 December 2010

xmas wish list

cap sleeve pale blue shirt - £25.00
cap sleeve navy blue shirt - £18.00
sluggy pink jumper - £26.00

Anna Lou of London
H Necklace - £10.00

Urban Outfitters
Face Hunter styling book - £14.95
Alexander McQueen book - £19.95
Style Diaries styling book - £16.99
Muti shabby chic frame - £20.00

Monday, 13 December 2010

a new watch (again)

this is my third new watch in the past like 3 months? whoops. If you remember the four colourful Casio watches from asos that i wanted?? i recieved the orange one for my 21st birthday, last month. it hasn't left my wrist! so, with my new found obsession with casios... i bought another one... this time a neon pink one, for a very small £7.00 @ ebay. i'm so chuffed.
what else has been happening?? i drove home from uni yesterday, somehow managed to do the 5 hour journey in 4... i think i must drive a bit too fast. i still need to update with all my beautiful 21st bday pressies. i got some amazing things!
my beautiful boyfriend bought me this lovely blouse from topshop. it looks great with leggings or black skinnys, i also team it up with my brown brogues and gold accessorize watch.
i start back at monsoon today as a christmas temp. so excited to see all my old friends again :) no 75% accessorize discount this time though :'(.
i'm also thinking about starting a university portfolio blog... i really enjoyed the blog we used instead of a sketchbook.
i'll try and post again tomorrow with some more wardrobe updates!
lovelove x

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ice Queen

i thought you guys might be interested in what i've been doing at uni at the moment...
i was given the word "solid" and was told to come up with a trend board which would represent that word in a fashion environment. we were to suggest examples of our expression of the word which a fashion designer could then interpret into a design for a collection.
it has been very, very cold and icy in preston at the moment so i took my slr out and snapped the morning frost. i then thought i could use this frost and manipulate it into a ice queen; lion, the witch and the wardrobe style.
next project i think we're doing perfume packaging.... no idea how that even comes into fashion promotion?? but it sounds like a challenge!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010