Tuesday, 15 February 2011

topshop tuesdays

these shoes completely remind me of my childhood. i've said before, i AM the little girl from miracle on 34th street. my mum always dressed me in mary jane's just like these, and still now, i completely love them. these are so perfect for spring & summer 2011. i love the teardrop cut out, big buckle and decent heel. i'm one of those people that walk very, very weirdly and therefore have to get their shoes reheeled all the bloody time. in fact, my £88.00 brogue boots from office that i bought in summer are all but ruined now... (must.. reheel... them... soon...)
my fashion class and i were discussing just now how dreary and horrible this winter has been and how its about high time the florals and bright colours became popular again. we need cheering up. im currently at preston uni, which i think is actually rain capital of england. it is wet. everyday. and everyday i forget my umbrella. many wasted minutes of hair straightening, backcombing and hairspraying is put to waste almost as soon as i leave the front door.
but spring is nearly here. which means sun, and cute shoes and ankle socks, bare legs and shorts.
oh hurry up summer, i cant wait to meet you again. ♥

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