Saturday, 12 June 2010

felt the familiar

i've always been fascinated by the after life; ghosts and ghouls... heaven and hell. after my grandmother died three years ago, i became more and more convinced it really existed.

it all started about a month or two after she passed. i was at work, having a tough day, when i suddenly felt a hand on my back. i automatically turned round to see who it was, but no one was there, yet i still felt the pressure on my back. it was positioned as if someone was standing next to me with their right arm held around me, resting just below my right shoulder blade. i instantly knew who it was, and i felt so deeply comforted. i felt the same thing probably about twice a week, and usually whenever i was feeling upset about something. its like she was telling me she was still there for me, not in body; but in spirit. i smiled every time and said a quiet hello.

today was different. today i could smell her. her familiar musky perfume filled, that i always loved, brought me comfort and contentment. i have been struggling badly with severe depression and have recently been diagnosed with just that. its almost like she realises how much i need her, so she's trying everything within her power to let me know she's there. so call me crazy, call me what you will, but i do believe she's watching over me very carefully and she will always be proud of me and my siblings. she may not be a ghouly "scooby doo white-sheet" ghost but she's a spirit; a lovely, beautiful, caring spirit. i will always love her and thank her for being the greatest grandmother i could have asked for.

i love you grannie

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