Thursday, 3 June 2010

moved on

i may still require medicine to keep me sane, and still be having panic attacks at work, but all in all; i have moved on. i dont need you anymore, i am happy. if you can galavant around like nothing matters, then so can i. happy hannah has arrived and is never leaving again. thumbs up for summer and new friends, thumbs up for partying with my beautiful cousin on monday and for completely emerging myself in full time work and being able to buy myself pretty things to cheer myself up. and i do now have lots of pretty things, and i am selling lots of pretty things too so i can buy lots MORE pretty things.
i have exciting things coming up and im not dwelling on the past, or the present. i'm attempting a new found optimism (something im not too good at), life is wicked. i have one person that can drag me down and that person means absolutely nothing to me anymore. i have neither love nor respect for that person. so... what's stopping me!?!! preston in september..... my cousin coming to live with me..... ahhhhh its going to be a siiick couple of months!! and plenty of distractions!!! which is always good.
happy happy happy hannah.

:D yayy.


  1. i like THIS post VEWY much :)
    we need to hang out- its been a stupidly long time!!
    much love

  2. damn right we do girlie!! it has been a ridiculously long time!! however i have literal NO moneys :'( so have no idea how this will work... but we will find a way :)
    loves xxxxxxx