Monday, 30 August 2010

a friend called mirri...

.... and we're off to bournemouth today!! yayyyy!
the sun is shining... the sky is bluuue... and we're off to the beach!
this means i can't post for a few days but just to amuse you all, i went a bit mad on ebay yesterday...

H scrabble ring - £2.99
floral top - £0.99
owl cushion £12.80

now, i'm going to have a little rant about one of my fave stores, urban outfitters. okay, so on UB this beautiful owl cushion is retailing at £24.00... and that's without postage and packaging (which let me tell you is a complete rip off at about £7.00). now, on ebay (woo!) this SAME owl cushion, PLUS lots and lots more colours and patterns, is just over half price and with FREE postage and packaging!!!
moral of the story; always check on ebay before committing to paying high street prices.


  1. lovely pics and lovely blog :)

    That owl is too cute!
    cheers, Jesa

  2. lovely pictures.
    I love the owl cushion. <3

    href=">MON CHERI ! </a>

  3. great buys! you two have matching cushions now :) hope you have a good time am looking forward to thursday! xx

  4. I love the owl pillow it costs like £30 new as well !


  5. Nice Post like it


  6. i love your blog !! ♥