Friday, 27 August 2010

a need for this ring

£20.00 accessorize
i just hope i still have my 75% discount as i'm leaving in two weeks.
i really hope so, as there's an amaaaazing vintage looking monsoon fur collared coat. it is in the kids section (lol) but the aged 12-13 coat fits me fine. i have to have it!!! it'll only cost me £32.50 rather than £65.00 :)
i love my discount.


  1. he's an absolute babe! you must get him with your discount :)

  2. that ring is beaut! you have to get it. im so tempted!!

  3. wow how nice! I love staff discount haha xx

  4. omg this gorgeous! I've posted on my blog with a link to yours. Hope they deliver to NZ in the near future!