Monday, 16 August 2010

neeew shooooes ♥

absolute beauties!!!
&&&&& now im broke for all eternity....

but i don't care 'cos my feet look pretty.
& i got my beautiful boots :)

all from Office Shoes
prices ranging from £65.00-£88.00


  1. where are the flowery ones from? they are gorgeous!

  2. they're all from office shoes xxx

  3. you have GREAT taste!!! VERY CUTE

    i will defo be back to see what you come up with next! Consider me a follower:)

    feel free to follow me too if u like :)
    I love to do give aways, and im currently trying to get my name out, I make lots of useful makeup related goodies. Such as lipstick holders, makeup brush rolls, and purses of all sizes.

    Thank you for your time.