Thursday, 26 August 2010

started an anti-slug campain

okay, so it's now been raining non-stop for the past 3 days, and to be quite frank; i'm bored of it. i'm bored of being wet, i'm bored of waiting 27 minutes for my bus in the rain after work, i'm even bored of my amazing supersized frilly umbrella (that was hard to say). but, most of all... i'm bored of slugs.
slugs... seriously.... why are you here? what is your purpose in life? to eat my dad's vegetable patch and to climb up my windows?? why. as i walked home (yet again, in the rain) from the bus stop earlier this evening, i quite literally had to weave my way through the hundreds of slugs that littered the pavement. but, the real question that plaques my mind; where do these guys hide when it's dry and sunny?
i've seen so many baby slugs but a baby can't grow into big slug in a day? do they have sex obsessed rain orgies, when it chucks it down? why oh why oh why. so many questions about these vile, slithery, slimey critters.
and now, i semi feel bad for them. why is it everyone always feels so upset when they step on a snail, but not a slug? i know i for one do. i get the feeling i've quite literally broken their home. i always picture snails as having little tvs and sofas inside their shells. i know they don't but it gives a somewhat homely feel to living outside in the cold and wet.
i stepped on a slug the other day, it literally exploaded.
i was bare foot.
and i gagged.

that kind of sums up my tale really.


  1. i think the slug hate probably came from the bare foot incident which i can totally understand urgh rank horrible awful etc!!!
    they do seem pretty pointless, my dad goes out into the garden with a pair of scissor twice a week on a slug killing rampage haha. just get the salt out hannah, its the sweetest revenge x

  2. SCISSORS?!?!?! that's gross!!!!!
    i'm actually going to buy portable salt shaker and go on some wild rampage! i used to do that when i was a kid and watch them melt. muahahha xxx

  3. im gunna call the RSPCA! x

  4. muuuuhhhaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa